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The Wheelers Guide covers listings for the United States, Canada and Mexico, describing and locating government and privately operated Parks, Campgrounds, RV Resorts, RV Dealers, Repair and Service providers serving campers and RVers. The Wheelers Guide web site is easy to use and concise, yet complete with the relevant information campers need to plan their camping trips!

Private enterprise parks and campgrounds are rated with stars from 1 to 5, (5 being the highest) by Wheelers VIP Reporters, who are campers and/or RVers who stay at least overnight to assign a star rating. These same establishments that have been rated by Wheelers also have their phone numbers and mail addresses printed in their listings.

Unlike other national campground directories, Wheelers' information is available on line so RVers can pre-plan their trips at home and make the necessary reservations prior to leaving.

The campground industry is fluid with changes occuring very rapidly. Telephone area codes change, new campgrounds are opened and some existing campgrounds change affiliations or go out of business. In printed directories these changes are not available until the next annual directory is printed and purchased. Since there isn't hard copy of the printed directory of the Wheelers RV Resort and Campground Guide, only electronic and digital, the information on the web site is being updated constantly.

That insures the information on this web site is the most current information available.